Annotation 1:

Richard L. Sowell(2006)WHAT DOES SPORT HAVE TO DO
WITH HIV/AIDS?Retrieved from

Richard L. Sowell, is the editor of JANAC is Professor and Dean, College of Health and Human Services at Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, Georgia. He has been active in the provision of direct care and coordination of services to persons with HIV disease for many years and published extensively in refereed journals and in books on community-based HIV/AIDS care management and women with HIV infections. The article is mainly explaining about changing the traditional and attitudes viewpoint of HIV  into physical and economic factors that serve the source of HIV instead of relying on treatments to cure the disease because its there have been no results of winning the war. A scientist that are researching non-traditional ways to prevent aids or people working in government and sports programs that want to prevent the disease from spreading might want to take a look at this article. With this data, I think the school and community programs would benefit from this information because they have the power to create learning groups to educate kids, students, and adults about this disease and this would hopefully lower the spread of Aids.

This article does not connect with my artifact at all but it provides the information on why are we losing the battle to the aids epidemic. I would consider reading this article because it provides the solution that I haven’t seen people talk about it because what if these programs and attitude changed for the Olympian Tom Waddell. What if he was never contacted about the diseases and how would it change is the career? Would we appreciate more of the gay Olympics more than today if he didn’t die so early?

Annotation 2:

Mark’s, Jim(1996) Gay Olympian: The Life and Death of Dr. Tom Waddell

Marks Jim a writer form the Lamba Literary organization. The organization started LGB writing program and its main goal is writing to identify and celebrate the best of lesbian and gay books in the year of their publication. Although his name is not mentioned as a founder, he is one of the writers that has received an award from this organization and has established a name for his career as lesbian and gay publishers. The author got his information from a book. This article mainly explains the life of a gay Olympian hardship for breaking down stereotypes to start their own Olympics for the gay community. A Lesbian or a gay person may be interested in this article or an LGBT activist that wanted to find inspiration to spark other homosexual community that there is hope left in the world to find equality. Freedom fighters, LGBT activist,  or other people that want to start a revolution would read this article.

This article connects to the artifact because it talks about his life of the Olympian of Tom Waddell and his struggles for the creation of the Gay Olympics.  Also, the artifact that I’m working with clearly has his name and the Olympics symbol that he created. I pursued this source because it lets me learn the step he took during the journey because it’s always not about the destination. This source would be useful because it talks about his life and personality. This makes me understand  and able to connect with his beliefs and thoughts.

Annotation 3 :

Maikel Waardenburg.(2006Active HIV awareness: a study into the meanings of sports as a medium of HIV awareness in a South African township

Maikel Waardenburg is an assistant professor of Organization Studies at Utrecht University, School of Governance (USG). He deals with the organization, culture, and Management. His research focuses on relations between civil society organizations and governments. The article mainly explains that sports in Africa are a major social empowerment that influences the communities and can be transformed into programs to fight against Aids. Local sports communities, schools, and the government might be interested in viewing this article. School and organizations that fight against aids might find this information useful due to the fact they can create programs to educate the community about the government help and the local communities.

This article does not connect with the artifact at all but the one connection they have is the impact of sports on the community. I didn’t realize how sports were a huge impact on the African community and any programs that had sports can utilize their power to educate the players and the community. I would hesitate of using this source but it does provide some questions. What if Waddell uses his Olympian career while he was in his prime to address the situation of aids. Would that have a huge impact in the American community? Could he save a lot of lives and how much would he be respected for today?

Annotation 4:


Biran Distelberg received a Ph.D. in history from Yale, where his training focused on twentieth-century U.S. politics and culture.He has worked in book publishing since 2011 and presented his research to audiences at Harvard, Yale, Cornell, and meetings of the Organization of American History and the American Society of Church History. He has experience as a teaching assistant for courses in African American, gay and lesbian, and twentieth‐century European history. The article mainly talks about the emerging of the gay culture coming into the community and showing how gay men are creating an identity for themselves. A person that has interest in history might take the interest of reading this article, LGBT activist able to stumble on this article and a historian. A historian would use this information for his classes or a   tv show of telling the changes of American history.

The article didn’t connect with the artifact because it’s not talking about sport or the gay Olympics. I read this source because it talking about the history and changes of the views of the Community when there were huge controversial topics of homosexuals coming into people lives and how were they viewed.  I wouldn’t find this article useful unless I mention the impact that Tom Waddell made in the history and what when on after his death. It would be more useful if were talking about the future of the Gay community or before him what actions did the gay community took before this happen.

Annotation 5:

Nike News (2009) NIKE AND (RED)™ UNITE

This article explains the creation of the Red lace program with the company Nike and famous footballer Bono combating the aids epidemic and it provides meaning for any athlete that is wearing the laces on their shoes show that they are part of the AIDs movement. A person that might have interested in this article any designers that are combating the aid’s epidemic. A community activist of fighting an against a problem of some sort might find this information useful because it would spark the idea of merging with big companies. In addition, the creation of symbolic items that strength the movement and make people more aware of the cause.

This article did connect with my artifact in some ways because it mentions athlete and relates to sports. it shows the community that sports brand company and athlete all over the world are coming to together with the community to tackle the situation. I pursue this source because I was curious about what did sports brand position and their say about the problem since this epidemic were affecting their Sponsor athlete. This information could be useful because I can find connections and answer some questions. For Example during that time did any Sports brand company had the power to impact the community and provided support for OlympianTom Waddel actions? What actions did the companies take to fight against the epidemic?