About Quilt 

The size of the quilt  6×3 feet is the size of the common aid quilt dimensions. This block is composed of a total of eight blocks. I chose this block because it related to sports. Each panel is 3 by 6 feel panel. This whole quilt dimension is 12 x 12 foot.

The quilt was one of the first originals to be made and the block number is 0018. This quilt was used for the Washington Aid quilt Memorial event. Compare to the other quilt, this quilt was made in a rush for the event so the panels that are attached to the current panel has no relation except demographics. They were just random people put together.

The material of the Quilt is made with Soft parachute material called rayon. it different because the current quilt that is being made is composed of a different material which makes them heavy and difficult to transport. it is very soft and light. there was no scent of the fabric. In addition, the right side and the left side of the quilt had three bronze rings on each side which are called grommet. They are used for the cable ties to hang up on the wall for a presentation.

The logo represents the first  Gay Olympics introduced in the UnitedStates. This symbol was part of the flag which was later changed to the Gay Games because people filed a lawsuit using this in the Olympics. It was used for the for the opening ceremony.

The primary background color of the quilt is done in all white. The white represents equality, implying fairness and impartiality, neutrality and independence. This was the main theme of Tom Waddel because he wanted homosexuals to have their own Olympics and consider them as equals. The font is done in blue and yellow. The color yellow represents joy, happiness, intellect, and energy and dark blue represent power, integrity, and seriousness. He wanted other people to have the freedom not feel restrained and he wanted to send out a message that it can be done.


History Summarized 

Tom Waddell played for a few sports such as track and made various alethic achievements throughout his career as an athlete.  He gained a huge reputation by creating the Gay Olympics for homosexuals. He paved the way for transgender and homosexuals to be view as people. This created freedom and acceptance throughout the community and strive to bring equality.   This related to Haltman’s essay that Dr. Waddell was able to provide an imaginative idea for people that homosexuals will get to have their own Olympics event because during the early and late 1900s people did not openly accept homosexuals. This became a positive event for the community and it did not offend other people with their own biased option to the point that the courts had to make the decision to shut it down.


However, the Supreme Courts had to step-in to make the decision to let either the Olympic Games run or shut down the event. Eventually, The Olympics became a huge success in 1986.  Even with all his success, he died in the battle of aids. This man shows the world that with a dream or a vision that people in the world can create limitless opportunities to achieve something in one’s lifetime. His life achievements relate to my initial theme with my project stating that in order to accomplish a goal one must strive for success and work hard till one reaches their goals without giving up. Dr. Tom Waddell aids blanket gave me the inspiration to persevere and carry out my goals in life.


This is what Tom Waddel wanted to envision and this part of  the Gay Games Opening Ceremony.