Unit 1 January16 (Summary& Thesis)

Culture and History


Haltman’s text explains the definition and characteristics of material culture. In addition, the article provides detailed accurate methods to the reader on ways to identify and analyze the object, which relates back to material culture. The text talks about the psychological and in-depth thinking that is necessary to apply when evaluating material culture. For example: how it affects our daily lives, the environment and surroundings that the object is in, life and death, and fear. Hartman’s summarizes that with these four themes intellectual, physical, emotional, and cultural the reader will get a lucid concept on discerning the significance of an object. On the other hand, from my point of view will it provide the capability to explain and connect with the object why is it important to us without providing a negative opinion or a biased response on the audience.



Hartman’s provides an analysis that each time we classify an object we interpret the significance of the object by embracing the four procedures such as intellectual, physical, emotional, and cultural.


Gretchen T. Buggeln, “American Artifacts: Essays in Material Culture.” Jules David Prown. Kenneth Haltman ,” Winterthur Portfolio 36, no. 4 (Winter, 2001).

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