Thesis statement for Final analysis activity 1

Olympics sports, a sports company, clothing brands, and African countries play a huge role in HIV AID’s epidemic.

What sports group and communities help in Aid’s epidemic?

Education programs in the schools to support the aid’s epidemic?

Activities and sports events done to address the problems?

what streetwear have culture brands done for the aid’s epidemic community?

how does shoe culture provide an impact on aid’s epidemic?



Midway Class Results Questions


What should I focus on in order to get at least a b+ in the class with all the work I’m doing lately? Which area should I put more effort in?

How do your comments impact on my future writing and able to use them beyond this course.? Does it show weakness for the audiences that read it?

Peer Website 

Why did MJ choose this picture of the background?

Did it related to the aid’s subject were researching about?

Personal Goals 

Improve on writing for a certain type of audience to clearly understand what I am trying to say.

Able to use the experience or knowledge obtain and used it for my future career.

Master the art of thinking and seeing things differently includes deeper thinking, coming up with questions to  promote further research, and coming up with solutions.



2/13 Notes

Remember that your audience  is a sophomore undergraduate student coming to your webpage

What is the biases of the source? Finding the angle of the source we use

We are reading for a purpose

Citation is identifying where the information comes from.

Give attribution of the author for your images.

You cite so researchers can use your work and build ethos.

Discourse Community is a group of people that talks about a specific term’s (Dark jargon)

APA style are used for scientist

2/8 Class notes

Secondary source -is finding data for themselves


  • Try to liberate that question what does it mean to me.
  • Paraphrase yourself try to come up more questions
  • Books, media, newspaper, analyses assessment, arguments are parts of 2ndary sources.
  • Evaluate the sources ethos of the source how credible is the source.
  • Wikipedia is a Secondary source what the crowd knows
  • Peer review
  • Multiple points of view
  • Religious studies and his culture
  • Key words terms (names with key words date of birth)
  • His parents or family member seeking relationships
  • Final analyses what it said with our culture examples LGBT groups