Creating Research questions

Activity 2 research questions


1. What is the significance of Robert Wanes Myers background with music has a role in his life?

2.  What is the connection of the image of the rabbit and carrot with Jimmy Finley culture and life experience?

3.  What does the “rose e. 234“ symbolize mean broadly culturally?

4. What do the black and pink color on Robert Wayne relate to his personal life?

PSD notes 2/6

Class Psd highlights 2/6


record objective facts,


observe, deeply

artifact (ideas, memories, question

imagined scenarios or suggestions of possibilities.

As you record your objective observation of the artifact, questions and associations will come to mind, ideas and memories, imagined scenarios or suggestions of possibilities.

take pictures of your work and upload them to your blog site

generating double-sided notebook

credible analysis

take notes of observation

different perspectives

“Take notes , multimodally”

“Detailed essay:500+words”

What , where , why

Seek to see beyond first impression experience

making connections between your subjective experience of the artifact and your objective rendering of it

The goal

In depth thoughts of Secondary Qulit research 2/8


Activity 1


Why didn’t he affiliated with Nike and other Alethic questions companies to show the world about gay rights combing equality

Who is Dr Tom Waddell  how he was affiliated with the Olympics

Why he chose the logo colors yellow and blue?

how did aids extensively impacted the Olympic community during the late 1980’s?

In what way did aids hiv affected Olympics?


Description of Flickr Rate Schedule Sign

Objective Description



The photo is black and white (grey scale ) it has no bright color

The picture is slanted

The lady is giving a dumb look and she seems to be angry

The rate schedule answers is 1, answers require thought is 2, correct answers is 4 dumb looks is free

This a coffee shop

The top cups are stacked up on the  counter

There’s a description saying this is not burger king you don’t get it your way

The lady has long hair

Good coffee sign

The lady appears to have long hair

There is a sign that said “good coffee cheaper than Prozac

The lady has very dark roots but on top, the long strands on are very long blond

The ratings of this establishment are B 89.

Besides the lady is being in the photo there are several signs in the background.



Class Notes 2/1

Primary source

Original sources first hand  ,data authors generate themselves ( also newspaper be  primary source  doing the interview )(also called original source or evidence) is an artifact, a document, diary, manuscript, autobiography, a recording, or any other source of information that was created at the time under study.

Secondary source

Reporting someone’s point of view about data already generated. Also information is one that was created later by someone who did not experience first-hand or participate in the events or conditions you’re researching.

Comparison describing and naming something

physical attribute of thing that and naming something( identify its relationship with other things)

Describing picture- its stating the facts opening alot of detail

Objective ( what’s there)

Subjective ( making inferences and jump to conclusion reading the image)using languge it appears that , it looks like , it seems,This build ethos

  • put subjective in your annotation
  • draw connections that connect to your memories from annotation